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'Someday Soon' (2024)


February 2024


By Alexander Diaz


Dancing Camera

Choreography by Keerati Jinakunwiphat
Music Composition: Quaba Venza Ernest, courtesy of Ernest Records
Lighting Design: Dan Scully
Costume Design: Brandon Blackwood
Costume Supervisor: Amy Page
Prop Design: Karin White
Performers: Jamaal Bowman, Juan Carlos Franquiz, II, Amari Frazier, Mykiah Goree, Faith Joy Mondesire, Donovan Reed, Keturah Stephen, Gianna Theodore

'Someday Soon' creates a time and space to pair transition and celebration. 
What does it mean to receive your flowers? Flowers can represent love, achievement, sympathy, emotions, opportunity or growth- ideas that we can either fear away from or yearn after. 
How do we earn these flowers? Whether it’s by way of trusting each other or trusting ourselves, there is a softness that arrives to receive them.

The work pans through scenes of platonic intimacy exploring giving, taking, sharing, and receiving with one another. As some characters process through ambivalent feelings, it leaves us with the question: what happens when you stop fearing your own dreams?

Someday Soon was created with the support of the Quick Center for the Arts at Fairfield University. Co-commissioning support provided by The Performing Arts Center at Purchase College.

Filmed by Dancing Camera

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